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Outdoor Motorized Screens

Outdoor Motorized Screens

MAGNATRACK! Our Patented track system overcomes inherent hangup issues, re-wrapping, dislodging from side tracks that ALL other ZIPPER systems incur! The MagnaTrack system is only available through authorized Progressive Screen dealer and ELIMINATES 98% or more of common issues with competitive zipper systems. Internal Neodymium magnets allow the inner track to free float with no mechanical fasteners, self adjusts for un-level surfaces, and It is the only self correcting motorized screen in the industry! GUARANTEED to out perform any competitive product and built to last a life time!

Obstacle Detection Motors! Progressive Screens has partnered with Gaposa (Italian) motor option for the only triple-try obstacle detection. Together with the MagnaTrack make your motorized system almost issue free, user friendly, and the #1 Motorized Screen system available. Unmatched performance and designed to enhance your outdoor living area. Simu obstacle detection motors are also available with the MagnaTrack System.

Which One Is Right For You?

  • INSECT SCREEN (bug protection only, minimal shading of 50% of less)
  • SOLAR SCREEN 80% (80% UV protection, provide 20% airflow) 
  • SOLAR SCREEN 90% (90% UV protection, Provide 10% airflow) 
  • SOLAR SCREEN 95% (95% UV protection, Provide 5% airflow) 
  • SOLAR SCREEN 97% (97% UV protection, Provide 3% airflow) 
  • Soltis: Soltis 86,88,92 (Provide a vast color range of fabrics to select from that will enhance the aesthetic appeal to your outdoor area.  
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